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A note from owner, Erica Escalante:

As of September 1, 2019, this store is under new ownership. For the past 6.5 years, I have put my whole heart into serving this beautiful community and bringing the very best products, baked goods, and service to the Damascus area, and that time has come to a close. Although I feel sad to be moving on and to miss my customers, I are very very excited to see our wonderful manager of four years, Sarah, take ownership and create her own vision and space in the new Bow and Arrow Coffee House.

I opened this location at the very young age of 21. It has been a huge piece of my heart and really helped launch my career to accomplish amazing things, from business consulting to public speaking, to opening a bakery and commissary kitchen in the heart of NE Portland. I remember hand painting the floor in the middle of the night, laying the tiles on the wall, trying to figure out the angles of the wood bar… I remember bringing my brand new baby girl into work with me, and the joy and support I felt as a new mom coming back to work…

Thank you so much to the wonderful Damascus community for your support of my business for the last 6.5 years! I am forever grateful for each person I met along the way. Please stop by our Portland location whenever you’re near by or keep in touch with me via Instagram @escalante_erica

All the love and delicious coffee,

Erica Escalante